zantac for infantszantac for babies

Zantac for Infants – Is It Safe?

First things first, Zantac is a popular brand of the drug Ranitidine which is a type of H2 antagonist. H2 is linked to stomach acid secretion and by antagonizing its action, acids are therefore reduced. As such, zantac for infants or for any other age group like zantac for babies are all used as acid suppressing drugs. For infants, this drug is frequently prescribed for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

Zantac for Infants

When is Zantac Prescribed? – Zantac for babies is used to counter GERD because it helps ease out the discomfort felt by infants when the acid continues to burn the superficial layer of their esophagus during reflux. GER or gastroesophageal reflux is a normal occurrence among infants because of the immaturity of their gastrointestinal tract. But if it already occurs more frequent than normal, doctors often prescribe zantac for infants so as to prevent them from experiencing any form of pain and discomfort. The elixir form of the drug is usually prescribed for this age group.

This drug is also used in rare occasions when infants suffer from chronic urticaria (a type of skin allergy / rash). Most especially when traditional anti-allergy medications termed as antihistamines are no longer that effective, Zantac can be prescribed in conjunction.

The correct zantac dosage for infants – When doctors administer zantac for infants, the usual dosing is 1mg per kg of the infants weight per dose, twice or thrice a day. This is applicable to infants below 6 months old. So a 3 kg infant should receive 3 mg of the drug 2-3 times in a day or there could be side effects of zantac. There are some cases though when doctors would increase the dose whenever the drug is not working as planned. Sometimes, the dose is increased to 9mg. A word of caution is given to the parents of infants having kidney abnormalities. For such cases, this drug may be decreased by at least half its normal dose, if not withheld.

Side-effects of Zantac

Parents, upon receiving the doctor’s, zantac for babies prescription, always question if it would be okay for their babies to be given such prescription meds at such a tender age. Well, there are no established and proven side effects of zantac among infants. As a matter of fact, their age group can tolerate the drug pretty well though some infants experience sleepiness and diarrhea, only when the dose is quite high.

In this connection, Zantac for babies is practically safe. It’s just that, they should only take it whenever it is absolutely necessary. Taking it in normal GER situations may bring more discomfort than well of health. Even if it has been clinically discovered that Ranitidine can induce liver damage, but the occurrence is really rare most especially if the drug is given following its strictest dosage instructions.

Also take note that zantac dosage for infants given is not the sole cure used when your child is crying all too frequently. He may be crying for other reasons aside from stomach acids like an abdominal colic for example. If you’ll use Zantac for such a case, the chance is almost 100% that your infant will never stop crying even after taking the drug. Now that you have read this article fully, you can go ahead and give tips to anyone asking about zantac for infants.